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Thanks for joining us for 'Round About the Cauldron: A BTE Oddcast'!

Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble Presents 'Round About the Cauldron'Theater, as our founding director said, "illuminates what life is." You make BTE everything that is: a vital part of a community, a center for arts education, a meeting point to laugh, to cry, to live, but most of all—a theatre. Thank you for making BTE all that it is.

Our community has been our lifeline in navigating this pandemic. Now, more than ever, your support allows us to keep creating, performing, and educating through the challenges ahead.

Your donation allows us to achieve our mission – to awaken the imagination, provoke questions, and embolden the spirit. Thank you for supporting us!

Recurring donations create a vital stream of reliable funding, which allows BTE to better plan for the future. We hope that you will consider becoming a monthly or quarterly donor!

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